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Customizing the Layout

In addition to creating your own Activity tabs, menus, shortcuts, and toolbars, DAZ Studio also gives you a degree of control over the interface layout, allowing you to customize it to your specific uses and needs. You can customize the interface by auto-hiding, moving ,and resizing panes, moving tabs, and using multiple monitors.

Using Multiple Monitors

DAZ Studio supports multiple monitors. When you make changes to your interface layout, you can click and drag your pane(s) or other elements to any available monitor. This allows you to create a larger area for your viewport.

Customizing Panes

The figure below displays the various components that you use in conjunction with customizing your panes and how you view them when they are docked. The controls that are common to most panes are as follows:

  • Pane Edge: The Pane Edge appears along the side of the pane, at the side that is closest to the Viewport. You can reposition the edge to size each pane to your liking.
  • Pane Toggle: When appropriate, the Pane Toggle allows you to expand or collapse the contents of the pane. The pane toggle is represented by two solid arrows facing in opposite directions. The direction of the arrows indicates the direction in which the pane contents will collapse or expand.
  • Pane Grip: The Pane Grip area appears immediately to the right and left of the Pane Toggle. Drag the pane from this area to move the pane to a new location.

    Pane controls

You can use any of the following procedures to customize the appearance of the panes in your layout:

  • To resize a pane: Position your cursor along any edge of the pane you want to resize. The cursor changes to a pair of arrows that indicate the direction(s) in which you can resize the pane. Drag in the proper direction until the pane is resized to your liking.
  • To collapse or expand a pane: Click the pane toggle (the three dots at the top of the pane).
  • To move a pane: Click the Pane Grip (the area to the left or right of the pane toggle) at the top of your desired pane and drag it to its new location.
  • To undock or float a pane: Click the Pane Grip and drop the pane on top of the viewport window. You can also drop a pane beyond the edge of the main DAZ Studio screen (such as when you want to put a pane on a separate monitor in a multi-monitor system).
  • To dock a pane beside, above, or below another pane: Click and drag the pane by its Pane Grip. Drag the pane until you reach the Pane Edge, but stop before you reach the viewport. A white line highlights the spot where you can relocate the pane. Release the mouse button to dock the pane in-between the outermost pane and the viewport. The viewport will resize in height or width to accommodate the new pane.
  • To hide a pane completely: Use commands in the View > Tabs menu to hide all tabs that are included in that pane.
  • After you undock a pane, you can customize its appearance as follows:
    • To resize a floating pane: Place the cursor at any corner of the pane. Then click and drag your mouse and release when the pane is at the desired size.
    • To dock or redock floating pane: Click and drag the pane by its Pane Grip. Drop the pane above, below, or to the side of the viewport area. A white line highlights the area when you can release the mouse button. The pane will dock to the closest possible location, based on the locations of other panes in that area.
  • To auto hide or unhide the tabs, click on the push pin to dock or undock the tabs from the side bars. See “Pane Auto-Hide” for more on using this feature.