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Customizing Tabs

The figure below displays the various components that you use in conjunction with customizing your tabs.

Navigating through lists

The Content Tab is shown in the following example, but the following controls are common to most tabs.

  • Tab Menu: Each tab contains a set of commands that are specific to that tab. To access the tab menu, click the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the tab.
  • Scrollbars: In some cases, there is not enough space to display all of the options within a tab. If this is the case, a vertical scroll bar appears at the right side of a tab, and a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom of a tab, when appropriate. To use a scroll bar, click and drag in the proper direction to view additional information in the tab. Release the bar when your desired information comes into view.
  • Tab Toggles: Tab toggles are used to expand or collapse the tab as needed, to maximize your work area.

To customize the appearance or layout of your tabs, use any of the following procedures:

  • To undock or float a tab: Click and drag the tab by its tab name to locate the tab to a new position. Release the mouse button to place the tab in the new position. If you undock the only tab within a pane, the pane is removed.
  • To dock or re-dock a floating tab: Click and drag the tab by its tab name, and drag to the left or right of the Viewport. A new pane will be created if none is present.
  • To move tabs from one pane to another: Click and drag the tab to the new pane. The pane will merge and display the relocated tab with any other tabs in the same pane.
  • To nestle a tab into an existing pane: Click the name of the tab, then drag-and-drop the tab into an existing pane. Drop it into a blank area to the right of any tab that currently appears within the pane. The tab will transfer to a new location in that pane
  • To show hidden tabs: Use the View > Tabs menu commands to show the tabs you want to view. Then dock the restored tab into a pane if desired.
  • To close tabs: Select Close from the Options menu for the tab or choose View > Tabs and select the tab to close.