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Customizing Toolbars

The Tool Bars sub-tab in the Customize DAZ Studio dialog allows you to create your own toolbars and add them to your custom interface layouts.

Configure/add new interface menus

You can accomplish the following tasks in this sub-tab:

  • To add a command to a toolbar, select a command in the Actions list that has an icon associated with it, otherwise you will not be able to see the item in the toolbar. Drag the desired command from the Actions List and drop it into the desired toolbar location.
  • To create a new toolbar, right-click on any item that appears in the Tool Bars tab, and choose Add Toolbar. A new toolbar item appears and you can assign a name to the new toolbar.
  • To rename a toolbar, right-click on the toolbar you want to rename, and choose Rename Item from the menu that appears. You can also click once to select the toolbar item and click again to activate the text edit field. Enter a new name and press Enter.
  • To remove a command, separator, or custom toolbar, right-click on the item you want to delete, and choose Remove Item. The selected item will be removed from your toolbar options.
  • To add a separator between items in the toolbar, right-click on the toolbar command that you want to appear directly above the separator, and choose Add Separator. A line appears directly beneath the selected toolbar item.