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Conforming, Parenting, and Applying

To use content drag-and-drop to conform or parent items to a figure or apply a pose:

  1. Load a figure into the scene.
  2. Select a content thumbnail in the Content tab (conforming items, props, and pose files) and drag it on top of the figure. You can also select multiple items and drag them all at the same time.
  3. If you drag the content to the figure and immediately drop it on the figure, it will automatically load in the default method (equivalent to double-clicking on the content thumbnail in the Content tab).
  4. If you continue to hold down on the mouse button and move the cursor over the figure, the body part the cursor is hovering over will highlight and after a few seconds, a Context menu will come up providing options for loading the content.


    If hovering over a body part that also has clothing conformed to it or a parented prop, all items on that body part will show in the list.

  • Default Load: Loads the selected content in the default method, i.e., clothing will conform, hair will parent to the head, figure will be loaded in the center of scene, etc. The content must be set up properly in order to conform or parent. Equivalent to double-clicking on the item in the Content tab.
  • Fit to <figure/object>: Loads the selected content and fits it to the figure or selected object.
  • Parent to <figure>: Loads the selected content and parents it to the figure in the default location no matter what body part is being hovered over.
  • Parent to <figure> : <bodypart/object>: Loads the selected content and parents it to the specific body part being hovered over.
  • Apply to <figure/object>: Applies the selected pose, material file, etc. to the figure or other item on the high-lighted body part.