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Adding Content from a Directory

Not only can content be dragged into a scene from the Content tab, but it can also be dragged directly from a directory folder on your computer. This is quite useful when you have a content directory that is not linked to DAZ Studio but contains objects you want to use in your scene. Be careful when using this when the directory is located on an external drive that is frequently moved to other computers. If the drive is not connected when you try open the saved scene file, Studio will not be able to find the content.

To add content to a scene directly from a directory folder:

  1. Locate and open the directory folder where the content is located.
  2. Place the folder so that it is either next to or over the DAZ Studio window.
  3. Select the content and drag it on to the figure (you can select multiple items). It will automatically conform, parent, or apply based on the type of content. You will not get the context menu to choose how to apply the content.
    • Figures, stand-alone props, and mesh objects will be placed in the center of the scene.
    • Mesh objects and BVH files will get the applicable import dialogs.