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Drop-At Target Placement

To use content drag-and-drop to place content in a specific location in the scene:

  1. Make sure no figures are selected in the viewport.
  2. In the Content tab, select a content thumbnail (figure, prop, or clothing) and drag it into the viewport.
  3. If you stop dragging the mouse but continue to hold down the mouse button, a context menu will come up allowing you to load the prop in its default location. Equivalent to double-clicking on content thumbnail or dragging the item to the viewport and dropping it.

  4. If you press the Opt/Alt key while dragging the object into the viewport, a Drop-at target will show up on the ground plane and will move/resize as you drag the mouse around the scene. Decide where you want the object on the XZ-axes, move the cursor to that location, and let up on the mouse button. Do not let up on the Opt/Alt key until after you have let up on the mouse button or the item will revert to its default properties and be conformed or parented, as the case may be.

    dragdropalt2.jpg dragdropalt1.jpg

    The item will be placed at the selected location as a stand-alone object/figure, i.e., not parented to a figure.

    dragdropalt3.jpg dragdropalt4.jpg
  5. To place an item to the left, right, above, or below another item (on the XY-axes), but at the same Z-Trans location (0 on the Z-axis), move the cursor above the horizon line (still holding down the Opt/Alt key) until you get a vertical drop-at target. Once the target is at the correct location, let up on the mouse button and the item will be loaded at that location on the X and Y-axis..

    dragdropalt5.jpg dragdropalt6.jpg

    dragdropalt7.jpg dragdropalt8.jpg