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Export BVH Files

The BVH Exporter Options dialog comes up when you select File > Export and choose the BioVision (.bvh) export option.


The following options/fields are available:

  • Load Map: Enables a saved name mapping to be loaded and applied to the export. See “Import BVH Files” for more on loading name mappings.
  • Save Map: Enables the current name mapping to be saved so it can be used for a future BVH import or export. See “Import BVH Files” for more on saving name mappings.
  • Selected Figure: Shows the currently selected figure.
  • Selected File: Shows the file name where the animation will be saved t.
  • Second Life Compatibility: If exporting the animation for import into the Second Life online game, select this option, otherwise, make sure it is deselected.
  • Figure Nodes: Click on the plus/minus signs to expand or collapse the listing for each figure node.
  • Export Option: Click on the E next to each node you do not want to export. The E will be removed to indicate that the node will not be exported. Clicking on the E for a parent node will also deselect all child nodes but re-enabling a parent node will not reselect its children.