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Export DAZ Collada Files

DAZ COLLADA files are Collada files that contain specific DAZ Studio/Poser settings in order to better import the content into Carrara. While content can be imported into Carrara using its libraries, each time that DAZ Studio is updated this may cause some content to no longer be usable in Carrara. Saving the content in the DAZ Collada format will ensure greater compatibility.

For importing content into other programs that use Collada content, DAZ recommends you use the default COLLADA export as the Poser/Studio-specific text in the DAZ Collada files are not compatible with other programs. Most programs will just ignore the extra information while others may have difficulty doing so.

To export content in DAZ Collada format, select the content in the viewport, choose File > Export and choose the DAZ COLLADA (*.dae) export option. Enter a filename and click on Save. The Export progress dialog will be displayed showing the progress of the export process.


Custom DAZ Studios shaders cannot be imported into Carrara, just as Carrara shaders cannot be imported into DAZ Studio.