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Save as D-Form Preset

To save a D-Form as a preset:

  1. Create the d-formers and adjust as needed. See “D-Form” for more on using deformers.
  2. Choose File > Save As > D-Form Preset from the menu. A default save dialog comes up.
  3. Navigate to the content folder where you want to save the preset, enter a file name, and click on Save. The Save D-Form Preset Options dialog comes up.

  4. Select the options to export:
    • Animation Range -
      • Current Frame Only: When selected saves only the current frame, even if the animation timeline has multiple keyframes associated with it.
      • Animated Range: When selected, saves out the designated frames associated with the timeline. Enter the Start frame and End frame to set where the animation export starts and ends.
    • Data -
      • All D-Formers: When selected, saves all D-Formers in the scene.
      • Selected D-Former(s): When selected, activates the D-Former selection pane where you can select which D-Formers to export, even if a different D-Former is selected in the scene. Use the Shift and Ctrl keys to select multiple D-Formers.
    • Fitted Targets - These options tell DAZ Studio whether or not the D-Form preset should “remember” that the D-Forms affect any fitted/magnetized clothing as well as the figure.
      • Also affect All items fit to the figure: When selected, the D-Form preset will influence all clothing items fit to the figure when the preset is applied.
      • Also affect SELECTED items fit to the figure: When selected, the D-Form preset will influence only the fitted clothing items selected when the preset is applied.
  5. When all options have been selected or set, click on the Accept button to save the preset or on the Cancel button to cancel the operation. The presets will be saved with the D-Form labels and names as part of the preset.