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Save as Materials Preset

To save a material setup as a preset:

  1. Apply textures to the figure, clothing, or prop and adjust as needed.
  2. Make sure the item is selected and choose File > Save As > Material Preset from the menu. A default save dialog comes up.
  3. Navigate to the content folder where you want to save the preset, enter a file name, and click on Save.
  4. The Materials Preset Options dialog comes up where you select which surface properties to save as part of the preset.

    • Record All: When selected, saves all transform, translation, and morph settings that are currently on the selected figure.
    • Record Custom: When selected, activates the Property Listing for the selected figure where you can select specific properties to same For example, if you applied a texture to the figures lips, you don't want to the properties for the entire figure, just those for the lips.
      • Click on the plus/minus signs next to each label to expand/collapse the listing.
      • Click in the boxes to select specific settings to export.

    • Save Alternate UVs?: When selected will save any alternate UV sets applied to the figure. This option is needed when the materials applied to the figure use an alternate UV set. This option will save the information needed to apply the correct UV set to match the materials in the preset.

      • The original UV set (Base) is not saved using this option.
      • If this option is selected but no alternate UVs are applied to the figure, then this option is ignored.

        icon-tip.jpg TIP! If you only want one alternate UV set saved with the preset, then only load the UV set needed for the preset to work.
  5. Click on Accept to save the preset or on Cancel to abort the operation.