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Save as UV Preset

Saving a set of UVs as a preset allows the additional UV sets to be saved and applied later to the same figure if needed and distributed for use by other users.

To save a UV set or sets as a preset:

  1. Apply the UV sets to the current object.
  2. Choose File > Save As > UV Preset from the menu.
  3. A default file browser dialog will come up. Locate the save location for the preset (in the Studio content folder), enter a name for the preset, and click on Save.
  4. The UV Preset Options dialog will come up. Click in the checkbox next to each UV set to be included in the preset. You cannot save the default UV set as it is already part of the original object so it will not be shown in the list. If you have five UV sets applied but only want to save three of them, only select the three you want to save.

  5. To collect the UV sets in a zipped file for easier distribution, click on the checkbox next to Collect Files in Zip.
  6. Click on Accept to save the preset or on Cancel to exit the dialog without saving the preset. If you clicked on Accept, the preset will be saved to the selected location as well as the zip file if that option was selected.

  7. To check the UV preset, load the default object into your scene without applying any additional UV sets.
  8. Make sure the object is selected and navigate to the content folder where you saved the preset.
  9. Double-click on the preset thumbnail and the UV set(s) will be applied to the object. Please note that the more UV sets you have in the preset, the longer it will take to apply them.

  10. Check the UV Set listing in the Surfaces tab to see if the UV sets are listed. Select the UV sets and apply matching textures to verify the UV sets were properly applied.