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Working With Lights

The Create menu allows you to create cameras and lights. When you select any of the Create Light buttons, the same options dialog will appear:

Like the Camera Creation dialog, the Light Creation dialog will ask you if you wish to give the new light a name (or will use the presented default name if you do not give the light a name), then it will present one of four options. Default settings center the light on the floor at the scene’s origin (0,0,0). When you apply the active viewport transforms, the light matches and orients itself in the same place and direction (if applicable) of the camera you’re currently using. You can also copy the properties of an existing light in the scene, or copy and replace a selected light in the scene. If you have no other lights in the scene, the third and fourth option will be grayed-out and unavailable to you.

Lights illuminate your scene and can create interesting effects and moods. DAZ Studio includes a default light that lets you see and work with your scene.

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