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The Load Toolbar

Toolbars are completely customizable as described in “Customizing Toolbars” in “Using and Customizing Your Interface.” When using the Basic interface style, the Load Activity tab contains a toolbar that contains some of the commands in the File menu.

Load Activity tab

From left to right, the toolbar commands shown in the tab are:

  1. Clear the Scene and Start a New Scene
  2. Open an Existing File
  3. Save the Current Scene
  4. Delete the Selected Item
  5. Change the Backdrop File and Settings for the Current Scene
  6. Click to Activate the Node Selection Tool
  7. Click to Activate the Active Pose Tool
  8. Click to Activate the Rotate Tool
  9. Click to Activate the Translate Tool
  10. Click to Activate the Scale Tool
  11. Reverse the Previous Action
  12. Reinstate the Previously Reversed Action
  13. Click for Interactive Help