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Help Menu Commands

The Help menu is where you access DAZ Studio documentation and information about your installation. To access this menu, either click Help or press Alt+H.

Help menu

DAZ Studio Help

Choose Help > DAZ Studio Help to access the DAZ Studio help file on the DAZ Wiki.

Online Resources

The Help > Online Resources commands provide links to helpful online resources that will make your use of DAZ Studio more enjoyable:

  • Choose Help > Online Resources > DAZ Studio Online Help or use the shortcut Ctrl+F1 to open the online version of the DAZ Studio Artist Guide in your Web browser.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > Frequent Questions to open the DAZ FAQ page in your Web browser. Here you can view the most frequently asked questions and answers. This should be your first stop when seeking support for DAZ products since you can often get immediate answers and solutions.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > DAZ Web Site to open the DAZ home page ( in your Web browser. This site is your gateway to innovative 3D applications and excellent content that make 3D easy, fun, and affordable for everyone.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > DAZ Tutorials top open the DAZ Tutorials home page in your Web browser. Here you’ll find an ever-growing library of basic, intermediate, and advanced tutorials written by our customers and members of our ever-growing artists’ community.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > DAZ Forums to open the DAZ Web Forums page in your Web browser. Here you can meet and interact with fellow artists over the web, from all around the globe.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > DAZ Galleries to open the DAZ Galleries page in your Web browser. You are free to post and share your 3D art, or to see what others have done.
  • Choose Help > Online Resources > 3rd Party Contributors to access online help files for plug-ins you may have installed from third party contributors, i.e., Dreamlight.

    Third Party online help access

What's This Help

To learn about any interface item that you aren’t sure about, choose Help > What’s This Help. A popup window informs you what the item is used for.

About DAZ Studio

Choose Help > About DAZ Studio to open the About window, which contains the following information:

  • The current version of DAZ Studio you are using
  • Your name and other authorship information
  • Contact information for DAZ Productions
  • DAZ Studio production credits (use the scroll bar to view the entire list)

Click OK to close the window.

Register DAZ Studio

Choose Help > Register DAZ Studio to bring up the Startup Wizard dialog where you can register DAZ Studio or manually enter your serial number.

About Your Video Card

Choose Help > About Your Video Card to learn the video card information that your system reports to DAZ Studio and about the capabilities of your video card as it relates to DAZ Studio.

About Installed Plug-ins

Choose Help > About Installed Plug-ins to open a window that lists the status, filename, and “friendly” name of the plug-ins that you have installed in DAZ Studio. The Status column lets you know if the plug-in is installed successfully (or not), and provides an explanation as to why they did not load if they are not properly installed.

Report a Bug

Choose Help > Report a Bug to open the DAZ Bug Reporting page in your Web browser. DAZ encourages everyone to report problems as part of our ongoing efforts to provide top-quality products.

View Log File

Choose Help > View Log File to open the log file where DAZ Studio reports program status, such as startup comments, plug-ins installed (or not), and warning/error messages. Use this command to view the log file when any message dialog reports an issue and instructs you to view the log file for additional details. Since this is a text file, you can copy any sections needed in order to report the issue to DAZ or the third party provider.