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Applying Morphs

Morphs are specific distortions of mesh created for specific figures. These can range from blinking an eyelid, to instantly creating a weightlifter’s body-shape, to anywhere or anything in between.

To apply a morph to your figure, select your desired morph slider in the Parameters tab and assign it a new value. Positive values apply the selected morph as created, while negative numbers apply the opposite of the selected morph. For example, applying a negative value to a smile morph might result in a frown. Applying large positive or negative values can result in excessive distortion and can even break the polygon mesh. A jagged edge appears when there are breaks in the mesh. When working with morph targets, it’s usually best to change values a little at a time if you’re not sure of the results. You can use as many morphs as you like in any combination.

Different figures come with different default morphs, and you can always add more with certain packages available for purchase or download. DAZ figures include hundreds of morphs to allow virtually unlimited customization.

Morphs can also be injected or removed from a figure if the figure has been set up to use injections. These morphs are injected or removed using pose preset files, called INJ or REM files. See “Applying Pose Presets” for more on injecting or removing morphs using a pose preset.