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Applying Morphs

Morphs are specific pre-built deformations created for specific objects. To apply a morph to your prop, select a desired morph slider in the Parameters tab and assign it a new value. Positive values apply the selected morph as created, while negative numbers apply the opposite of the selected morph. For example, applying a negative value to a smile morph might result in a frown. Applying large values can result in excessive distortion and can even break the polygon mesh. Breaks are holes or cracks that appear in the mesh. When working with morph targets, it’s usually best to use small values. You can use as many morphs as you like in any combination. The images on the right show a single hair prop morphed into two distinct styles- and these are only two of hundreds of possibilities.

Different props come with different default morphs depending on the type of prop and the individual content creator. For example, some hair props come with morphs that allow several styling variations.