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Pane Auto-Hide

When you first start DAZ Studio, the side panes are visible on each side of the viewport for easy access, however, sometimes you need more workspace without having to actually close all the tabs. The Auto-Hide function provides the ability to dock the panes to the side when they are not in use.

To auto-hide the side panes:

  1. Click on the pushpin button at the top right of the pane.

  2. Repeat for the other side of the viewport if needed.

    The panes will dock to the side and each tab available on the pane will show up as tabs at the sides of the viewport.


To expand the panes temporarily:

  1. Click on the folder tab for the tab you want to access. The pane will open up with the selected tab activated.

  2. Resize the pane as needed.

  3. Use the tabs as usual to select content or items in the scene, adjust surfaces, set parameters, etc. but once you move off the pane, it will auto-hide itself again.
  4. If the pane does not auto-hide itself automatically when you move off the tab, click in the viewport.

To un-hide the panes:

  1. Click on one of the tabs to expand the pane into the viewport.
  2. Click on the pushpin button at the top right of the pane.


    The pane will undock from the side and dock back to its default side location.

To add new tabs to the pane, pin the pane in place first, then add new tabs. Once the new tabs are in place in the pane, un-pin the pane to allow it to auto-hide itself.

To delete tabs while the pane is in auto-hide, click on the tab to expand it, then choose Close from the Options menu.