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Parameters Organizer

If you’re a content developer for DAZ Studio, or if you want to customize the parameter groups that appear in the Parameters Tab, then the Parameters Organizer plug-in is made just for you. The Parameters Organizer is a utility that is available for separate purchase, and installed separately from DAZ Studio.

Installing the Parameters Organizer

As with most products purchased from DAZ 3D, the Parameters Organizer is available in Windows and Mac formats and installs in the same manner as other software and content. Simply run the installer, following the prompts until the setup wizard is complete. When Setup is complete, you’ll view last minute notes regarding the product and will be given the opportunity to launch DAZ Studio and view the Parameters Organizer Read Me file.

After you install the plug-in and start DAZ Studio, you’ll notice that the Parameters tab Options menu will contain two new options: Group Parameters and Hide Unused Properties. These new commands are shown below.


Adding and Renaming Parameter Groups

When you choose the Group Parameters command from the Options menu, the Group Parameters window shown below appears. This window allows you to add new parameter groups or rename existing groups. This feature is especially helpful when you need new group names for morphs that you create yourself, so that you can keep them apart from morphs that are included with figures or created by others.


Options in this dialog are:

  • Add New Group: Allows you to add a new sub-group beneath the Morphs, General, or Misc parameter group names. Select the group you want to create a subgroup for, then click the Add New Group button. This opens the New Group dialog, where you can assign a name for your new parameter sub-group.
  • Rename Selected Item: Allows you to rename your subgroups, or any parameter dial that appears in the Group Parameters tab. You can also click to select the item you want to rename, and then click again to rename it.
  • What’s This Help: Click for interactive help on the features in the Add New Group dialog.
  • Accept: Click to accept your changes and exit the Group Parameters dialog.
  • Cancel: Click to exit the Group Parameters dialog without saving your changes.
  • Options Menu: The Options menu appears when you click the arrow in the upper-right corner. It contains one command, Hide “General” Parameter Group, which hides the display of the Bend, Translate, Rotate, Scale, Visible, Selectable, and Cast Shadows parameter dials. Choose this command to toggle the display of this group on or off.