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Point Lights

Selecting Create > New Point Light allows you to create a new Point Light in your scene. A Point Light is an omni-directional light, such as that given off by an incandescent light bulb. Point Lights are the virtual equivalent of light bulbs. They put out a 360-degree sphere of light. The image shows a sphere illuminated by a single white Point Light. You will notice that it appears similar to a spot light. The difference is that the spot light is only casting light in one direction. In other words, an object behind a Spotlight will receive no illumination.


Point Light Parameters

In addition to the default parameters, each Point Light has the following parameters that control the light sphere which is the visible wireframe showing where the light's influence will be.


  • Intensity: Adjusts the light’s brightness from 0% (totally off) to 100% (totally on) and up to 200% (be careful that you don’t “wash out” the colors of everything in the light’s sphere of influence by going too far beyond 100%). As you adjust the intensity, the light sphere becomes larger or smaller to indicate where the light's influence will fall.

  • Display / Scene View
    • Display Persistance: This toggle determines whether the light wireframes are visible even when the light is not selected. When placing objects in the scene, setting this toggle to On will make it easier to place objects where needed. Toggle to Off to set the camera wireframes to invisible when the camera is not selected.
    • Light Sphere: These options set options for the light sphere wireframe.
      • Opacity: Determines the opacity of the light sphere. Useful when placing objects within the influence of the light sphere.