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Setting Directory Preferences

To set the Directory Preferences, choose Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog and click on the Directories tab to enable it. Directories added here show the available content in the libraries and are used by the Content Manager to scan for new content.


The Directories tab has the following options:

  • Content Directories: Lists the Poser/Studio content directories linked to DAZ Studio native content.
  • Content Type: Lists the types of directories that can be mapped.

    • DAZ Studio Formats (Native): Select to add or remove directories with native Studio content.
    • Poser Formats (Import): Select to add or remove directories with Poser content which is imported into Studio.

    • Other Supported Formats (Import): Select to add or remove directories with content that is not in the default Studio or Poser directory structure or formats but can be imported into Studio.

icon-caution.jpg CAUTION! For Windows Vista users - ?Because Vista saves files to a mapped directory instead of to the correct DAZ Studio folder, the .dso files needed to load DAZ Studio scenes cannot be found. This problem can be fixed by adding the virtual directory to the list of content folders in the Preferences. The virtual directory is usually found at: “C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\VirtualStore\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\”

  • Advanced: When selected, displays the Content Directory Manager where you can set up and manage different content sets. Refer to “The Content Directory Manager” for instructions on using content sets.

  • Add: After selecting the type of directory being added, click on Add to locate and select the directory.
  • Remove: Select the directory to remove and click on Remove to delete it from the linked directories.
  • Remove All: Click to remove all linked directories.
  • Show DAZ Built-In Content Folder:
  • Automatically Refresh Content Folders: When enabled, automatically refreshes Content folders to show newly installed or moved content.
  • Temporary Files: Indicates where temporary files are located while working in DAZ Studio. Click on the Browse button (the one with ellipses) to select a different directory. If you have changed the directory and decide at a later time to use the default location, click on the Default button to reset the directory.
  • After you complete your Directory Preferences settings, use one of the three buttons at the bottom of the dialog:
    • Click Apply to set the settings for the current preference tab; the Preferences dialog remains open so that you can set other preferences.
    • Click Accept to exit the dialog immediately.
    • Click Cancel to exit the Preferences dialog and discard any unsaved changes.