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Setting Content Manager Preferences

To set the Content Manager Preferences, choose Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog and click on the Content Manager tab to enable it. or choose Edit Preferences from the Content Options menu.


  • File Icon Size

    • View Large File Icons: Displays content and folder icons at an enlarged size, with the name of the content file appearing beneath the icon.

    • View Small File Icons: Displays content and folder icons at a reduced size, with the name of the content file appearing to the right of the icon. Selected by default.

  • Remove & Replace

    • Always Replace Items: When selected, will replace current content in the scene with the selected content. For example, if you have hair attached to the selected figure and double-click on a new hair style, the new hair will replace the old hair. Selected by default.
    • Ask to Replace Items: When selected, will ask whether you would like to replace current content in the scene with the new content.

      icon-note.jpg NOTE! In order to replace content in the scene with new selected content, the two items must be of the same type, i.e., a hair prop cannot replace a conforming hair but it can replace another hair prop.

      icon-note.jpg NOTE! Content must be mapped before it can be replaced using these options. See “Content Manager” for more information on mapping content.
    • Never Replace Items: When selected, adds the selected content to the scene.
  • Show File Info Tooltip: When selected, shows the file information as a tooltip when hovering the cursor over the thumbnail. Off by default.

  • Show File Extensions: When selected, will show the file extensions in the Content tab. Off by default.

    showfileext01.jpg showfileext02.jpg showfileext03.jpg
  • Auto Magnetize: Toggle to turn the Auto Magnetize feature on or off. See “Auto Magnetizing Clothing” for more information on this feature.
  • Reset the Content Database: When clicked, will delete the current content database and replace it with the default database settings and categories. Any changes you have made to the database settings in the libraries will be lost.
  • After you complete your Interface Preferences settings, use one of the three buttons at the bottom of the dialog:
    • Click Apply to set the settings for the current preference tab; the Preferences dialog remains open so that you can set other preferences.
    • Click Accept to exit the dialog immediately.
    • Click Cancel to exit the Preferences dialog and discard any unsaved changes.