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Setting General Preferences

To set the General Preferences, choose Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog and click on the General tab to enable it.

General Preferences

The General tab has the following options:

  • Authorship Information: Shows the author information added during initial startup. Click on Edit to add or edit the current author information. This is optional but if you create content, this information is written to Studio files you create which can help users contact you for information or assistance.

  • Automatically check for updates to DAZ Studio: Select when to check the DAZ website for updates to Studio. Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Never. Click on Check for updates now to check immediately.
  • After you complete your General Preferences settings, use one of the three buttons at the bottom of the dialog:
    • Click Apply to set the settings for the current preference tab; the Preferences dialog remains open so that you can set other preferences.
    • Click Accept to exit the dialog immediately.
    • Click Cancel to exit the Preferences dialog and discard any unsaved changes.