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When a poseable figure is created, the joints of the figure are set to create a smooth transition from one joint to another when the figure is posed. This transition is controlled by the Bend parameter.


The Bend parameter is On by default, which creates a smooth transition between the connecting joints. The example on the left in the figure below shows a leg pose where the shin is bent backward. The Bend parameter of the thigh is On in this example.

When you turn the Bend setting Off on the thigh, the smooth transition is removed and you see a break in the transition between the thigh and the shin, as shown on the right in the figure. Though not practical for organic figures (such as humans or animals), this setting is useful when you want to create poseable figures that do not bend smoothly from one joint to another. For example, if you are creating a robot that is jointed in a manner where the body parts are made of separate pieces of metal, it might be beneficial to turn the Bend parameter Off.