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Tab Options Menu

Clicking the Parameter Options button opens the Parameter tab Options menu, which contains the following options:


  • Memorize: Opens a submenu of options that allow temporary storage of selected parameter settings. You can memorize the state of an entire figure, a pose, morphs, selected items, or transforms (position).
  • Restore: The complement menu for Memorize. The Restore options allow you to recall the settings you have previously memorized.
  • Zero: Allows you to set all visible dial settings to Zero for selected object(s). To completely zero all dial settings, including those of invisible dials, for the selected object, press Ctrl then select Zero from the options menu. You can zero the dial settings for an entire figure, a pose, morphs, selected items, or transforms.
  • Clear Animation: Allows you to clear the animation for a figure, pose, transforms, morphs, or selected items.
  • Limits: Allows you to turn limits on or off for the selected items.
  • Lock: Selecting Lock opens a sub-menu where you can select the items to lock into place. This is helpful in preventing accidental changes in your scene, especially when you have worked hard on locations and poses. You can lock or unlock the currently selected node(s), morphs, or transforms. When items are locked, a padlock icon appears beside the settings you cannot change.
  • Symmetry: Selecting Symmetry opens the Symmetry dialog. Refer to “Posing and Moving Figures” for more information on the Symmetry feature.
  • Move to Floor: Raises or lowers the selected item to match its local Y origin to the scene’s global Y origin. For most items, this places the bottom of the item at floor level, though it depends on where the content creator placed the item’s Y origin.
  • Show Hidden Properties: Allows you to view parameters that are not normally shown for a specific item. You can view them, but the dials will be grayed-out and not changeable.
  • Mouse-Over Sliders: Hides parameter sliders until the parameter is “moused over.” See “Mouse-Over Sliders” for more on using this feature.
  • Group Parameters: Opens the Group Parameters dialog, where you can add and rename your own sub-groups beneath the General, Misc, and Morph groups in the Parameters tab. Requires installation of the Parameters Organizer plug-in to view and use.
  • Hide Unused Properties: Most helpful when a figure or prop contains many morph dials. This option hides all dials that have a setting of zero, allowing you to view only the morphs you have used to shape your character or other morphable objects.
  • Close: Closes the Parameters tab. To reopen it, choose View > Tabs > Parameters.