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Setting Parameters

Each parameter has a numeric value indicator that tells you its current setting. You can use sliders, nudge icons, or numerical entries to modify the setting.

When you adjust the settings, be aware of the type of dial you are changing, and what the numbers represent:

  • Transforms are expressed in units of measurement
  • Rotations are expressed in degrees, plus or minus 0 to 360 for full rotation in either direction. The same is true of rotation dials that have been renamed Twist, Front-Back, Up-Down, Side-Side, and so on.
  • Scales are expressed in percentages, with 100% being the original size of the object.
  • Morph dials are either expressed as 100% being the full morphed value, or 1 being the full morphed value. You can also dial negative values to reverse the morph. A value of 0 means that the morph has no effect on your object.

Note graphic NOTE! If the Limits option is turned on in the Tab Options menu, you may be unable to exceed (or even reach) the maximum or minimum range that a parameter dial displays. One reason to keep limits on is that results will begin to get unpredictable when values are set too high.

To set parameters, use one of the following methods. These options are shown in the figure below.

  • Sliders: The quickest way to set a parameter’s value is to use the slider. Clicking and dragging the slider to the left lowers the parameter’s value, and vice-versa. This is a quick and easy way to make rough settings. Sliders can also be set to only show when the cursor is over the property label. See “Mouse-Over Sliders” for more information on using this option.
  • Nudge Icons: The + (plus) and &endash; (minus) icons at the end of each slider allow you to increase or decrease the parameter’s value by a small amount. Click the minus sign to lower the value, and the plus sign to increase the value.
  • Numeric Entry: Right-click the numeric value in any parameter. This displays an editable field in which you can enter an exact value. This provides even finer control than the Nudge arrows. After you enter your desired value, press Enter to set it. If you enter a value outside the parameter’s allowed limits, then the appropriate limit will be applied.