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Parameters vs. Morphs

At face value, parameters and morphs seem similar if not identical. There are, however, several key differences:

  • In general, parameters deal with object translation, rotation, and scale. Additionally, parameters are based on an item’s type (such as a light) and sub-type (a specific kind of light). For example, all lights have intensity controls that allow you to dim and brighten them. Spotlights have rotation parameters, but Point Lights do not.
  • Morphs involve specific deformations applied to items in a scene that are otherwise known as mesh objects. These deformations are specifically created for a given item, and are only available when installed and the correct item is selected in your scene.

Tip graphic TIP! While different, parameters and morphs share the same types of interface controls within DAZ Studio. For simplicity, we will use the term “parameters” in this chapter to mean both general parameters and morphs.