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The Toggle Parameter Settings Dialog

When you double-click a parameter that has a toggle value associated with it (such as On/Off, Yes/No) the Parameter Settings dialog shown below appears.


The following settings are found in this dialog:

  • Name: Displays the name for the parameter. To change the name, select the text with your cursor and type a new name in the field.
  • Hidden: Determines whether or not the object is visible in the scene. Click to toggle the setting from No (which makes the object visible) to Yes (which hides the object).
  • Locked: Determines whether or not you are able to make changes to the parameter. Click to toggle the setting from No (which allows changes) to Yes (which prevents changes from occurring).
  • Value: Displays the current setting for the parameter. Click the current value to toggle to the other state.
  • Controllers: Informs you whether or not there are external controllers that are linked to the parameter.