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As we’ve mentioned elsewhere in this manual, rendering is the act of taking a virtual photograph of your scene. You can do this at any time using any available default view or custom camera. When rendering, DAZ Studio takes everything in your scene into account, including:

  • locations of figures and objects
  • figure poses
  • light locations, types, and settings such as type, color, intensity, location, rotation, etc.
  • surface settings including all colors and maps
  • camera location and settings
  • render settings

About the DAZ Studio Renderer

DAZ Studio uses 3Delight, a fast and powerful RenderMan®-complaint renderer that supports many advanced features such as:

  • Programmable shaders for surfaces, displacement, lights, volumetrics, and images
  • Camera controls such as depth of field and motion blur
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Ray tracing
  • Antialiasing
  • Fully optimized for Windows and Mac OSX

Click on the links below to learn more about using the Renderer: