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Saving & Loading Custom Interface Layouts

Saving Custom Interface Layouts

After you rearrange your interface, it’s a good idea to save your custom layout. You might also find that it is convenient to create several different interface layouts. For example, you might create a layout for when you are putting your scenes together, and then prefer a different layout when you are posing your figures.

To save a custom layout, choose the View > Interface Layout > Save Layout As command. The Save Layout As dialog prompts you to assign a name to your new layout. By default, the layout is saved into the Studio > Scripts > Layouts folder as a DAZ Script.

Loading Custom Interface Layouts

Any time you want to switch to an interface layout that is saved onto your hard drive, choose View > Interface Layout > Select Layout, and select a layout from the dialog that appears. Click Apply or Accept to use the layout you select.

For reference, the custom layouts that you create are saved into the Studio > Scripts > Layouts folder by default.