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Scene Tab Options

The Scene tab Options menu appears in the upper-right corner of the Scene tab. Click the Scene tab Options button to open the Scene tab Options menu.


The commands are as follows:

  • Show: Allows selection of what items to show or not show in the scene. See “Showing and Hiding Items in the Scene Tab” for more on this option.
  • Select: Allows selection of specific content types in the scene. See “Selecting All of a Specific Content Type” for more on this option.
  • Sorting: Provides options for sorting content in the Scene tab. See “Sorting Content in the Scene Tab” for more on this option.
  • Expand/Collapse from Selection: Provides options for expanding and collapsing the scene tree from the current selection. See “Expanding and Collapsing from Selection” for more on this option.
  • Invert Selection: Selects all items not currently selected and deselects all currently selected items.
  • Parent Items in Place: A parented item attaches itself in relation to the origin and axes of the item that it is parented to. The Parent Items in Place command in the Scene tab options menu allows you to parent an object to another object, but the parented object will keep its position relative to the individual bone it is being parented to.
  • Close: Closes the Scene tab.