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Creating Parent/Child Relationships

DAZ Studio supports drag-and-drop parenting, or the creation of hierarchical parent/child relationships between items. Child nodes appear on sub-branches within the Scene tab’s tree view.

To parent one object to another:

  1. Make sure that both the parent and child objects are in your scene. Don’t worry about positioning the child object just yet.
  2. In the Scene tab, click and drag the child object under your desired parent object. You can parent any object to any other object or bone. For example, you can parent a baseball bat to a hand, a ring to a finger.
  3. The child object will move so that:
    • Its local origin coincides with the parent object’s origin.
    • Its local axes are aligned with the parent object’s local axes.
  4. Rotate and/or translate the child object into your desired position relative to the parent.
  5. Child objects retain their position and alignment relative to any parent object. For example, if you parent a baseball bat to Michael’s hand and then make the same bat a child of Victoria’s hand, the bat will move so as to retain the same position relative to Victoria’s hand (distance and alignment) that it had with Michael’s hand.