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Selecting and Navigating Through Objects

The Scene tab allows you to select any object, root node, bone, user-created camera, or light in your scene. If you’re working with a complex scene or simply want to find the exact object you’re looking for quickly, this is the place to do so.

Use the following methods to navigate through the Scene List:

  • Use the Up Arrow or Dn Arrow key on your keyboard to move your selection one object at a time.
  • Use the PgUp and PgDn keys on your keyboard to scroll quickly through the scene list.
  • Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to expand, collapse, and navigate tree levels.

The following procedures allow you to select one or more items in the Scene List:

  • To select a single object in your scene, use the Scene tab’s tree view to locate your desired object, then click it. This is very useful in a complex scene or where you cannot readily see your desired object using the viewports.
  • To select multiple objects using the Scene tab, you may use any combination of the following methods:
  • Click and drag around a group of nodes inside the hierarchy view. Children of selected objects are also selected, whether or not their branches are expanded.
  • Press Shift while clicking to select all nodes between your previous selection and your next click.
  • Press Ctrl while clicking to make multiple individual selections.