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Showing and Hiding Items in the Scene List

Three icons appear beside each item in the Scene List. One icon appears like an open eye, another a pointing arrow, and the third like a small checkmark. These icons control whether your items are visible or selectable in your scene. This feature is particularly useful if you have problem areas in your clothing that cause a figure's body parts to show through. For example, if your figure is wearing pants, and portions of the skin poke through the pants, you can select the figure and make its thigh and shin invisible, as shown in the figure below.

Note graphic NOTE! If you do not see the Visible and Selectable icons in the Scene Tab, you may need to widen the pane that holds the Scene Tab. Drag the right edge of the pane toward the right to widen the view of the tabs it holds.

  • Visible/Invisible: Click the icon that looks like an eye to show or hide an object in your scene. You might find it useful to hide objects when you want to modify something in the scene that sits partially out of view, without moving or changing cameras to do so. You can also use this feature to compare two pieces of clothing on a figure by loading both, then toggling visibility on and off for each to make direct comparisons.

  • Collapse/Expand: Click on the arrow icon to collapse or expand the tree for the node.
  • Selectable/Not Selectable: Click on the checkmark icon to make an object selectable or not selectable in the viewport. This does not affect whether an item is selectable or not selectable in the scene list, however. This feature is useful when you wish to take a figure and add clothing, but then make changes to the figure’s pose. If you make the clothing “not selectable”, you can pose the figure beneath it without accidentally selecting and posing the clothing that it wears.

    icon-note.jpg NOTE! Selecting to set an item as visible/invisible or selectable/non-selectable will not affect which item/node is selected in the scene.