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Smoothing Channel

The Smoothing channel adds the ability for the user to determine what geometry is smoothed. Smoothing is the process of recalculating normals for the geometry so that the geometry looks like a smooth surface, rather than a sharply faceted one. You can turn off smoothing &endash; making the geometry look faceted - and control how sharp an edge is too sharp to be smoothed via the Smooth Angle control. Any time two facets meet at an angle greater than the angle specified by the smoothing control, they will not be smoothed. The default value of the control is 89.9 degrees - this means that edges where faces meet at a 90 degree angle or greater will be “sharp” and any edges where the faces meet at less than that angle will be “smooth.”

The Smoothing Angle is available per Material Zone, which provides the ability to smooth angles differently for different material zones. You can also select the root figure in the Surfaces tab and apply a smoothing angle to all material zones at once.


  • Smooth: This channel determines whether smoothing is turned on or off. Click on the button to toggle between On and Off.
  • Angle: Sets the angle of smoothing. Drag the slider left to smooth the angle or right to sharpen the angle.


  • Smoothing Angle on at default of 89.9:

  • Smoothing Angle off: