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The Surface List

A Surface List appears at the left side of the Surfaces tab. The list allows you to select any number of surfaces on one or more objects in your scene. The ability to work with multiple surfaces at once can be a huge time saver, especially when working with complex scenes.

Surface list

Selecting a Single Object

To use the Surface List, follow any of the following procedures:

  • Some objects may show their Surface Lists expanded, while others do not. To expand a branch of the tree, click the “+” (plus) sign next to a collapsed branch. To contract an expanded branch, click the “-” (minus)sign next to an expanded branch.
  • Click to select a single item in the Surface List.
  • Use the Up or Dn arrows on your keyboard to move your selection up or down one object at a time in the tree.
  • Use the PgUp or PgDn keys on your keyboard to scroll quickly through the Surface List.

Selecting Multiple Objects

To select multiple objects using the Surface List, use any of the following methods:

  • Click and drag inside the Surface List. Release the mouse when your selection is complete. All surfaces are selected regardless of the object they belong to.
  • To select multiple surfaces that appear together in the list, click the first item to start the selection. Then press the Shift key while you click last item you want to select.
  • To select multiple surfaces that are not contiguous in the list, press the Ctrl key while you click the items you want to select.

Copy/Paste Buttons

Beneath the Surface List, you’ll see two buttons labeled Copy and Paste. The Copy button will activate when a surface is selected while the Paste button will activate once surface settings have been copied. These buttons allow you to copy material settings from one material to another.


To copy properties from one surface to another:

  1. Select one or more surfaces to customize.
  2. Make your desired property changes.
  3. Click the Copy button.
  4. Select one or more surfaces on which to apply the copied settings.
  5. Click the Paste button.

Tip graphic TIP! Hold down Ctrl to select multiple surfaces, or Shift to select a range of surfaces (on Macs, use the [Alt Option] key instead of Ctrl.) Any changes you make in both the Basic and Advanced sub-tabs will be applied to all selected surfaces.