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Selecting All of a Specific Content Type

From the Scene tab Menu, choose Select, and click the right arrow to select all of a specific type of content. The options in the Select menu appear:

  • Select All: Selects all objects in the Scene tab list.
  • Select All Figures: Selects all poseable (boned) figures in the Scene tab list. This option is shown in the following figure.
  • Select All Objects: Selects all non-poseable figures (props, scenery, and so on) in the Scene tab list.
  • Select All Lights: Selects all lights in the Scene tab list.
  • Select All Cameras: Selects all cameras in the Scene tab list.
  • Other Options: Other options may appear in the list if you have purchased add-ons for DAZ Studio. For example, if you have the D-Form plug-in, you can choose the option to Select All DForms.