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Scene Tab

The Scene tab displays a hierarchical view of every object in your scene with the exception of the default views. User-created cameras and lights, figures, body parts, and props all appear in this tab, giving you a centralized view of your scene and the relationships between objects.

Scene Hierarchy and Tab Controls

As mentioned above, the Scene tab presents a hierarchical view of your scene. These relationships are shown in a tree format with multiple levels of branches, where children appear in sub-branches. A useful example is to think of a real tree. The parent is the trunk, the children are the large branches, with additional levels of children being the twigs and leaves.


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Using the Scene Tab and Scene List

The Scene tab Option menu button appears on the far right side of the Scene tab. Click this button to open the Scene tab Options menu, shown below. This menu allows you to perform the tasks outlined in the following sections. You can also accomplish similar tasks directly within the Scene List.


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