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Adjusting Cameras

You’ve already learned that each viewport in your DAZ Studio workspace allows you to look at your scene through a camera. You can fine-tune the positioning and rotation in several different ways. First, you can use the camera controls in the View tab. Secondly, you can use the camera control icons that appear in the upper-right corner of your Viewport window(s). Finally, you can also use Parameter dials to make camera adjustments. We’ll discuss each of these methods in the following sections.

Using the Camera Controls

To use the Camera Controls, select your desired viewport from the Viewport Selector. Then, assign your desired camera to that viewport.

Once you have selected a viewport/camera combination, you can control the camera using the controls that appear in the vertical portion of the viewport and camera controls:


  • Rotate: The Rotate control is disabled when you choose an orthogonal camera. When it is enabled, you can left-click and drag to rotate the camera around the subject. If you right-click and drag, you can rotate the camera into place to point it in another direction.
  • Pan: The Pan control translates your camera view along the X axis (side to side) or the Y axis (up or down). Left-click and drag your mouse in the desired direction to pan the camera. Right-click and drag your mouse in the desired direction to dolly the camera.
  • Zoom: This control moves your camera to narrow or widen the view through the lens. Left-click and drag left to move in closer to the objects in your scene, or right to move out for a more distant view. If you right-click and drag you can change the focal length of the camera.
  • Bank: The Bank control is disabled when using orthogonal cameras. This control rotates your camera from side to side. Left-click the Bank icon and drag your mouse toward the left to bank the camera to the left, and toward the right to bank the camera toward the right.
  • Frame Selection: This control allows you to frame one or more selected objects into the view of the camera.
  • Reset Camera: Click this button to reset the current camera to its default state. It will also return a custom camera to the state in which it was first created.