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Creating Your Own Cameras

You’ve learned now how viewports and cameras interact with each other, and that DAZ Studio has several pre-built cameras that you can use in your scene. However, you can also create your own cameras as well. By default, your new camera will be a perspective camera. The name you assign to the camera will appear in the Scene tab and the View As drop-down menu in each viewport. To convert it to an orthogonal camera, use the Parameters tab as described later in this section.

You can create a new camera using the Create > New Camera command. The Create New Camera dialog displays several options that you can set when you create a camera. If you do not see these options, click the Show Options button at the bottom of the dialog.


These options are as follows:

  • Camera Name: Enter a name for the camera or accept the default name.
  • Apply Default Settings: Creates a new camera with the same settings as the Default Camera.
  • Apply Active Viewport Transforms: Creates a new camera with the same position and orientation as the camera that you are currently using.
  • Copy Selected Item: Copies settings from a camera that you have selected in the Scene tab. You will need to select the camera before you choose the Create New Camera command, otherwise this option will be disabled.
  • Create a Persistent Point At Target: When selected, points the camera at a null target and when the target is moved, the camera will rotate to continue pointing at the target. The image below shows an example of a camera target.

    Camera target