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Other Viewport Options

Besides changing the way objects are displayed in your viewport, the Viewport Options dialog also displays the following additional commands that allow you to customize your viewport display:


  • Dock Toolbar: Places the viewport and camera controls along the top of the viewport. Toggle this option again to place them back into the L configuration.
  • Background Color: To change the background color of your viewport, choose Background Color from the Viewport menu. A standard color picker will allow you to select a new background color that you can use for display or in rendered images.
  • Show Floor: By default, the floor appears as a grid in the viewport. It represents a plane that is oriented along the X and Z axes, and is centered at the origin of the Y axis. You can toggle the display of the floor on or off with the Show Floor option.
  • Show Center Axes: The origin of your scene appears in the exact center of the scene, at floor level. It is represented by red, green, and blue lines that intersect at the (0,0,0) point in your scene. Use the Show Center Axes option to toggle display of the origin on or off as needed.
  • Show Aspect Frame: The Aspect Frame option is on by default. The Aspect Frame helps you ensure that all of the items that you want to include in your render are within the area that will be rendered. We will describe this in more detail in “Building and Rendering Scenes.”