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Selecting the Active Viewport

If you are working in a multi-viewport layout, you can make changes to your scene within any available viewport. When you make changes in the active viewport, the other viewports in your multi-viewport layout also change.

To switch your active viewport, use one of the following methods:

  • Click a blank area in the toolbar that appears above the viewport you want to select.
  • Click any object in that appears in the viewport you want to select.

Changing Cameras

Whether you display one view or multiple views in your viewport area, you aren’t restricted to using the cameras that appear in those viewports by default. You can select any camera you choose in any of the views, including light cameras or other custom cameras that you create yourself. You’ll learn more about how to create custom cameras later in this chapter.

To switch cameras in a viewport:

  1. Select the viewport that you want to assign a camera to.
  2. Open the View Selection List drop-down at the upper left of the selected viewport.
  3. Select the camera you want to assign to that viewport from the Views list.