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Applying Dynamic Presets

The settings for a cloth panel or complete cloth item, can be saved as a Dynamic Cloth Preset in the Control and Creator versions of the plug-in. These presets can then be used by Basic version users (who can't change the presets manually). A cloth item can also have a material preset available which will apply textures to the cloth surfaces.

There are two types of dynamic cloth presets:

  • Garment Dynamics Preset - This preset is specific to a cloth item and uses the garment's material zones to set the cloth properties. The settings are applied to all panels/material zones of the cloth item. It does not set surface properties (applying colors, textures, etc.).
  • Fabric Dynamics Preset - This preset can be used on any cloth item to set a specific type of fabric, such as cotton, lycra, silk, etc. The settings are applied to the currently selected panels/material zones on the cloth item.

Applying a Garment Preset

To apply a garment preset:

  1. Select the cloth item or any panel/material zone of the cloth item.
  2. Double-click on the garment preset in the Content tab (default presets are located in the DAZ Studio Panel Presets folder).

Applying a Fabric Preset

To apply a fabric preset:

  1. Select the panel/material zone to apply the preset to. To select more than one material zone, use Ctrl+click in the Surfaces tab or in the Selection field of the Dyamic Clothing tab.

    icon-tip.jpg TIP! Fabric presets are applied only to the currently selected panel/material zone. Select multiple zones to apply the preset to more than one zone at a time.
  2. Double-click on the fabric preset in the Content tab (default presets are located in the DAZ Studio Panel Presets folder)..

icon-note.jpg NOTE! You cannot apply garment or fabric presets to stitches.