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Draping Over an Animation Range

Draping over a single frame is usually all that is required, however, some cloth items may require additional draping or need to be draped over an animation, i.e., move with the figure during an animation.

To drape cloth over an animation range:

  1. In the Dynamic Clothing tab, click on the Clear button and confirm that you want to clear all existing drape animations.
  2. Select the figure and choose Restore > Restore Figure Pose from the Parameters tab Options menu or apply your starting pose to the figure.

  3. Apply the !V4FitPosePreset from the Dynamic Clothing content directory. Don't worry if the arms don't match the preset thumbnail, this is a known issue with using some ERC controls. Just manually adjust the arms down a bit.
  4. If the Timeline is not visible, select View > Tabs > Timeline from the menu.
  5. Select Advanced View from the Timeline Options menu. This will make the add/delete keyframes and range fields available

  6. Drag the scrubber to the last frame then apply a new pose to the figure. Make sure you don't apply the final pose before moving the scrubber.

  7. Click on the Add Keyframe button to add a keyframe at the last frame.

  8. Move the scrubber back to the first frame. The drape will not work if the first frame is not the current one.
  9. In the Dynamic Clothing tab, click on the radio button next to Animated to select it.

  10. Click on the Drape button to begin the draping process.

    animateddrape.jpg afteranimdrape.jpg

    (White seams on the images above are the stitches which have not yet had materials applied.)
  11. Apply materials and render.