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Dynamic Clothing Control

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What is the Dynamic Clothing Control Plug-in?

The Dynamic Clothing Control plug-in for DAZ Studio is a plug-in to enable DAZ Studio users to work with cloth which has been designed to respond realistically to the 3D figure’s movements and poses along with the environment. Once the cloth material has been fitted to a 3D model and posed, the material can be processed by a draping simulation engine to “drape” or “relax” the cloth material to the model and its position, based on the materials own parameters and outside environmental factors such as gravity and movements.

The Control version differs from the free version in that it allows the user to adjust how gravity and wind affect the cloth, set collision tolerance, internal pressure, and simulation settings.

The Dynamic Clothing Control plug-in uses technology from OptiTex, a company which specializes in 2D and 3D CAD/CAM Fashion Design Software for the clothing and textile industry.

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