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Second Life Sculpties

New in Hexagon 2.3 are the sculpty primitives for modeling objects that can be exported in TGA format then imported into Second Life (SL) and applied to a sculpted primitive in SL.

Updating to Hexagon - Download the “demo” version of Hexagon 2.5 on the Downloads page on the site and install it. If you have a previously installed version of Hexagon 2.x, it will automatically update Hexagon. Do not download the updater and install it as it is still an earlier version. Valid as of: 5/23/08.

Note: Updates to Hexagon v2.5.0.5 fix several issues with sculpties, including mapping by default so sculpties saved as .hxn files can be correctly exported and no triangulation of imported TGA files.

Creating & Modifying SL Sculpties in Hexagon

Step 1: Create sculpty primitive as shown in Creating Second Life Primitives in Hexagon.

Step 2: Modify the primitive as needed using the tools shown in Modifying SL Primitives in Hexagon.

Step 3: Save the scene file and export the sculpty map as shown in Exporting Sculpty Maps.

See the following topics for specific information on creating, exporting, and using sculpties in Hexagon:

NOTE! The Hexagon sculpty export cannot be used on imported meshes or on default Hexagon primitives. You can, however, import scultpy TGA files and work on them in Hexagon as sculpty prims.

CAUTION! Once saved as a Hexagon scene file (.hxn) in Hexagon, the default sculpty loses its sculpty properties. To get around this issue, update Hexagon to as noted above.