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Mapping Content Helper

Read the chapter “Mapping Content” in the DAZ Studio Manual - this little Freebie helps to do the Job-

It fetches the DAZ install path from the registry validates the exist of all needed items lists the “Categories.txt” and “ContentTypes.txt” content - selectable by one click And writes the file as prescribed in the manual.

Expand the zip in any directory of your choice and click the exe-file. If all 4 checkboxes in the left of the init-screen are checked, hit the “exit” button to leave the init-screen to start work.

This is pre-beta, no error trapping code in this version. You need w2k, xp and .Net Framework 2.0 or newer (If it is not already installed, you can get it here): MS .net Framework

Here is the Program: Content Mapper 0.5

Its free and will be free in future. So feel free to give critics and suggestions.