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High Speed OpenGL Animation

Author: Anonymous

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5.01
  • OpenGL supported Graphics card

Support Files


Tutorial Written by Wyld Animal

In this Short Tutorial I will show you how to Turn on the OpenGL feature of Bryce 5.01 and use to create an Animation, with very quick render times.

This is the perfect way to check out how your animation will look before doing a fully Rendered Animation.

The First Support File is the Bryce 5 Source Used to Create my small Animation.

The Second Support File is the OpenGL Animation AVI file.


Step 1 - Turn on OpenGL Mode


You must have a graphics card that supports OpenGL in order for this to work.

Open Bryce 5 and with a Blank or Default Scene, Click and hold down the mouse button on the Small Box that is used to Switch between WireFrame view and Rendered View.

A popup window will open that lets you swith to OpenGL mode.

Step 2 - Create your Animated Scene


Now Create and Prove out your Animated Scene, or Download the above Bryce 5 support file for a jump start.

When proving out your Animation, you can use the normal WireFrame View, or if you switch to OpenGL, your Animation will be displayed using OpenGL.

Clicking on the Display Modes Control Box will switch between WireFrame and OpenGL.

Step 3 - Render in WireFrame Mode


Now that your Animation is Proved out just the way you want it, It's time to use OpenGL to Make a Fast Preview Animation.

Make Sure you switch the Display Mode to WireFrame.


After Switching to the WireFrame Display, you Can Click on the File Menu, and Select Render Animation.


Step 4 - View and Playback your Preview Animation


Your Animation will be Created with OpenGL rendered images at a much Accelerated Rate, Compared to a Fully Rendered Animation.

As you can see in my sample Image, I rendered 142 of 151 frames in just 38 seconds. This is almost as fast as the normal wireframe animations, but with OpenGL textures and renders.

My PC:

P4 2.8GHz 512meg memory

When Bryce is Done creating the Animation, it should automatically open and start to play back.

The Second Support File Above is my Sample Animation in AVI format.