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Author: Moerse

Tools Needed

* Bryce 5


Making some big party or do you need some objects to place in the king's private bar where the mighty medieval knights can come home to after a glorious battle? If that's the case, then I have just the right thing for you. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a mug and add some beer and realistic foam to it in just 5 simple steps.


Step 1: Make Mug Part 1

Before we get to the beer let's make a simple mug. Press the Cylinder button on the create pallet twice.


Select one of the cylinders and call it ~Inner Mug' (open its attribution window by pressing the little ~A'). Call the other cylinder ~Outer Mug'. In order to make a mug we have to have a cylinder with a hole in it. Bryce offers a unique tool to do this job. When you place a negative object in a positive one and group them, the negative object will cut a hole in the positive one. The ~Inner Mug' will be our negative object and the ~Outer Mug' will be positive. Switch to ~From Top' view. Zoom in until the two cylinders take up almost the entire screen.


Select the ~Inner Mug'. Enter the following in its attribution window (make sure to mark it negative).


Select the ~Outer Mug' cylinder and mark it positive. This is important because if the object is neutral and comes in contact with a negative object, nothing happens. Now open the ~Outer Mug's attribution window and copy the following.


For now, group (press ~G') your two objects (the two mugs) although you will be adding a handle in the next step. Go and switch into director's view. Do a quick render; notice how there is a hole in the ~Outer Mug' now?


Ready to add a handle?

Step 2: Part 2 (add a handle)

On the create pallet click the torus icon. This will be your handle.


Just like with the two cylinders, copy down the information in the attribution window.


The reason why I marked the handle positive too is because we will be grouping it with the rest of the mug. If the handle would have been neutral, half of the torus would still be visible inside the mug'


~this is how it would look like (all objects are grouped and the sun is set at a different spot to shine some light in the mug'). Now go ahead and select the group made in Step 1. Ungroup it (click the little ~U') and select the two Mug parts and the handle. Group them and do a quick render if you want to.


This is how your scene should look now. Notice how the handle doesn't appear inside the Mug anymore? This is only when marked positive. Now, let's add some texture to this Mug. Select your group (I will be referring to it as Mug) and open the texture library (press the little triangle next to the edit button). Go ahead and choose your texture.


Left one is ~Crystal', that's the one I will be using, mostly so that you can actually see the beer inside. The right one is ~Weathered', good if your scene plays sometime in the past and you want to make it like some old, handmade mug. Next step will be adding some beer. Fill it up!!!

Step 3: Fill it up!

Go back to ~From Left' view and select the ~Inner Mug'. Duplicate it (Ctrl+D); this will be your beer. Open its attribution window. Name it ~beer' and make sure that it is marked neutral. This is really important because otherwise if you group it with the mug the beer will be cut out. Using the rescale tool located on the edit pallet make the beer shorter. It should be about 75% of the ~Inner Mug'.


The red line indicates the bottom of the mug. Make sure that your beer sits exactly on that or otherwise it will float in the glass. Open the Beer's materials lab (click the little ~M'). Copy the following settings.


These setting will give your beer a nice greenish look. If you want to do a different kind of beer feel free to change it, but I suggest looking at real beer or at least at pictures first (ex. Root Beer :-)). Go to ~Director's view' to see if it all fits.


Notice how I use a texture ~Goldenbump'. This is so the beer isn't just plain yellow. One last thing to do is ungroup the mug, add the beer to the selection and group it. You can also do a quick render to make sure that the color is like you want it.


Step 4: Add Foam

Now it's time to top it all off with some foam. Select the beer and duplicate it. This is going to be your foam. In its attribution window enter ~0.5' for its height (y) and call it foam. Also make sure to change its y-position so it doesn't float somewhere inside the beer.


Your scene should now look something like this.


The object selected (red) is your foam. Open the foam's materials lab and take over the following settings.


These setting might (will!) take a long time to render but the result is worth it. I suggest making the picture smaller by changing the document settings so the render takes up less time. Go back to ~Director's view' and do some quick renders, although they won't be very quick anymore.


Voila, one refreshing looking beer!

Step 5: Done

That's it. Now just take the beer and place it into the hands of one of your knights. Even they need a brake sometimes. You can even add little details like'


~ (it's a German beer coaster) although I don't think that they existed back then, but it fits well into a bar.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Happy rendering!