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Circular path

Author: yaniko

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


The “circular path” given in the object-path library is not very convincing, isn't it ?

So, let's make a “real” circular path in a few minutes…

Step 1 - First of all


First of all, create a sphere, then click at “show origin handle” in the object attributes.

In “from top” view, move the origin along the horizontal axis, somewhat like that


Then, adjust animation on 12 frames for example ( a rotation of 360' = 12 X 30').

Adjust the animation on the 11th frame, then rotate the sphere around Y axis until reaching 330'.


Go back to the 1st frame.

Step 2 - Making the path


Create a second identical sphere. Go to the 2nd frame.

Make coincide the 2nd sphere exactly with 1st one.


You may see the path of the 2nd sphere (the line between the blue dot and the sphere).

Then, do it again with 3rd, 4th… frames and so on , until the 11th frame.


Step 3 - Adjusting


Then, adjust the animation on the 12th frame, and make coincide the 2nd sphere exactly with its first position (the blue dot may help you)



Step 4 - Finishing the path


You can now remove the 1st sphere, and select the remaining sphere.

Choose menu “Object-create path”.

You will then see appearing the path corresponding to the movement of the 2nd sphere.

You can now remove the 2nd sphere


Your circular path is now finished.


Step 5 - Save the path


Record it in the object-path library

That's all, folks !