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Create a Bamboo tree! (Simple and fast with great results)

Author: Guy Hod

Tools Needed

  • Bryce


In this tutorial we'll create a bamboo tree with the Bryce tree lab.

Step 1 - Create the tree and start editing it.

First we'll need to create the tree.

To do that click on the tree picture located on the top of the work space.

If you can't see it make sure that the category “create” is selected.


After you've created the tree click on the “E” letter to open the tree lab.

Step 2 - In the tree lab

Now that we've opened the tree lab we'll change some of the definiteness.

Well start with Branch\Trunk properties first.

Distribution- 0

Branches per segment- 1, 1

Segments- 12, 20

Branch start angle- 110

Branch end angle- 137

Trunk thickness- 1, 46

Branch thickness- 0, 0

For now, do not change the texture.

Second are the tree properties.

Shape- Bamboo

Gravity- 100

Randomness- 100

And last are the foliage properties.

Shape- Bamboo

Scale- 8

Number of leaves- 8

Distribution- spiral

Now, for the texture choose whatever you find suitable.

Once you're done it should look like this:


After you've checked everything continue to the next step.

For the trunks texture you have two choices:

One is to choose any of the available textures in your library or create your own.

The second one is to use a texture provided by me through this tutorial.

If you decide to choose the first one then continue to the next step.

First, download these pictures to your computer:




Now, at the texture sector in the Branch\Trunk column, select the image option.

Do not click on the edit button, it is only to reset the texture.

Now select the material option again then click on the edit button near it.

You've now opened the material lab. See that everything is blank.

Like this:


Now in the diffuse row in the color sector select the first blank dot, or in other words the A dot.

After doing that you'll see that a box has appeared, in that box find the letter P (picture) and click on it.

Now click on the red button above it. In the window that just opened you can see three rectangular in the first one load the “bamboo” picture you've downloaded earlier.

You can also load the green bamboo picture as well.

Now load the “bamboo bump” picture to the second rectangular.

Leave the last one and apply the picture to continue back to the material lab.


Now set the diffuse properties to 100 and the bump height to 50.

In the material box change the definition from parametric to object cubic (this is very important).

And last, click on the blue button that's left to the red button and define the very first Y as -80%.

Apply all the changes and go back to the original work space.

Step 4 - Last step, modifying the tree just a bit more

Click on the A button that's near the tree and in the box that will open, in the size row define: 20, 60, 20.


Please notice that if you are intending to apply more changes than do not complete the last step before finishing them. If you are not sure if you're done you should back up the original figures.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and your new bamboo tree 8)